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this weekend:

After harassing people for money all day on friday, me and the ladies set out looking for action. we found it:

-in the dumpster behind manhatten bagel, with fidgety ladies clumsily fumbling for the deadbolt on the screen door. they were ready to give their lives for their trash, apparently.

-in the adventurous bartender at the 'limelight' in TO, willing to create the surfer on acid for us.

-in listening to peaches.

-in getting scalded awake in the driver seat of my car at 6 AM in the parking lot of Diner X.

-in desiring veggie dogs.

-in seeing the shittiest art opening ever,with but 4 paintings with two fags hovering over the unopened bottles of wine. completely unexpectedly, they were talking about being gay.

-in burning.

-in the worst parade ever, featuring a single float every ten minutes. but all the jerk chicken we could ever need.

-in the world's largest rap video, complete with womanizing ninnies from DEETROIT trying to catch some play from the ladies.

-in procuring my own bordello.

-in the pope squat.

-most importantly: in planning the cranberry hill family reunion. in thinking about the glitter on the ground, and the remnants the buildings. in the anticipation of the hike, the fire, this.

says the USA: "No, sir, I don't know much of anything..." or "Excuse me, excuse me, $25 would not even begin to fill one of my many vehicles...".

say the Americans in Canada: "Which one of these pretty girls is yours?" or "You gonna hook up with me this weekend, honey?" or "Liquor is quicker."

say the Canadians: "Blah blah blah blah" or "Got a cigarette, dog?"
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