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i spent all day dreaming of the way i'd like to hold you... i got absolutely nothing done, but it was so much fun, dear, have i told you?

. ok so this makes day four of my hermitage. it is this predicament i am in which has driven me back to livejournal. why, i hadn't looked at this thing in months almost- now i'm updating, looking around at other people's LJs, and having such a great time playing with all the new personal preference options.

maybe this has been a blessing in disguise, though. i have really been able to sink my teeth into my summer reading list, as well as the summer projects i have laid out for myself. here is my summer reading list, in order:

La Condition Humaine
L'âge de Raison
Huis Clos
A Thig, Ná Thit Orm
Dante's Inferno

all i want to do is eat solid food, goddammit!
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